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Overview of unmanned aerial vehicle training system

As of June 1st, 2017, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) posted information regarding “Unmanned aerial vehicle training institutions and administrative organization” on the Civil Aviation Bureau website. Those who completed the training provided by the institutions on the list qualify for a simplified application process and verification of their knowledge and skill as operators of unmanned aerial vehicles.

*Drone School NDMC is one of the training institutions which is directly under the Civil Aviation Bureau and with its license certificate, you can simplify the process when applying for permission of flight clearance.

Licenses that you can obtain at Drone School NDMC

In our school, you can obtain license certification that pertain to article 132 of the Aviation Act. The exception is the license for dropping objects. The license certificate will enable you to simplify the process for obtaining flight clearance permission.

Select the school according to your location and schedule

JUIDA accredited Drone School NDMC has classes in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture, Ina city, Nagano prefecture and Hita city, Oita prefecture. Participants can choose locations based on their location and schedule.

Courses can be chosen according to experience/skill

When applying for permission for flight clearance, you need unmanned aerial vehicle operating experience (flight history of 10 hours or more). Drone school NDMC provides a course for those who are beginners and one for those who have been operating unmanned aerial vehicles already

【5-day complete class】 For beginners

¥300,000(¥324,000 tax included)

Total 10-hour flight training in 5 days for those who are new to operating unmanned aerial vehicles, and those who need support to obtain their 10-hour flight history. It is possible to obtain an “Operation Skill Certificate” by taking this course.
*For the safety flight management certificate, you will need to take another course.
【Minimum 3-day class】 For professionals

¥180,000(¥194,400 tax included)

This course is for those who have already operated unmanned aerial vehicles.
With 2 days of classroom lectures (operating skills/safety flight management) and 1 day of practical training (test), it is possible to obtain an “Operation skill certificate/flight safety supervisor certificate”.
*The requirements to obtain the license certificate are to pass the test and to submit flight history of 10 hours or more during the class, or by yourself after the class.
【Highest ranking qualification】 Flight safety supervisor Only for those who have a JUIDA accredited operation skill certificate

¥74,000(¥79,920 tax included)

This course is for those who have already obtained a JUIDA accredited operation skill certificate.
This certificate is for operation supervisors of unmanned aerial vehicles.
In this course, you will be able to learn how to manage dangerous risks and improve safety when operating unmanned aerial vehicles.
This course is made up of one day of classroom lectures and one day of skill testing.
*A valid JUIDA accredited operation skill certificate is required to obtain this license certificate.
  • Free of charge aircraft rental
    We will rent the aircraft (DJI Phantom 4) during the course free of charge.
  • Special group discount
    Special group discount for 5 people or more. Please contact our office for a quote.
  • Issuing of the certificate of completion
    We will issue you a certificate of completion with which you will be able to apply for a JUIDA accredited Operation Skill Certificate and Flight Safety Supervisor Certificate.
  • Practical Training
    We spend a lot of time on pilot training in ATTI mode (not GPS aided). We train participants in safe operation and landing for when there is a loss of GPS signal.
    In addition, we prepare indoor venues to conduct practical training for “out-of-sight flight” and “night flight“.
  • Environment
    When we conduct flight training (such as out-of-sight flight) that requires approval by the MLIT, it will be held at indoor facilities. After graduation, you can participate in flight practice which is held irregularly at a large facility.
  • Subsidy system
    This school is subject to the “Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Human Resources Development Support Grant” when a corporation takes a course.
    Those who use the “human resources development support grant” must apply before they take the class.
    (It takes several weeks to about 1 month to receive the grant after you have applied)
    For details, please contact the prefectural labor office and Hello Work window
    About the subsidy system
    Please check DIPS “Civil Aviation Bureau” regarding the application for licenses related to prohibited airspace and operation limitations.
  • NDMC certificate system
    1. NDMC issues certificates proving that you have completed the course, received practical training, and acquired the necessary knowledge and ability. This enables you to obtain applications and permissions to operate unmanned aircrafts issued by MLIT.
    2. We prove that you have completed the entire curriculum of the JUIDA accredited school.
  • To those who have completed the course
    1. NDM certificate “Application for permission to operate unmanned aerial vehicle
    2. NDMC Unmanned aerial vehicle operation skill certificate
    *If you apply for the No.1 NDMC credit on the JUIDA web site, a JUIDA accredited “Operator Proficiency Certificate” will be issued